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This page was last updated: March 29, 2011
Adapting and Teaching  Skills
Whether someone who experiences disabilities will live in an apartment alone or have full time in-home support staff, self esteem is improved by being as independent as possible.

I have discovered that my son, Billy Ray, can do many things if the activity is adapted to a way that works for him.  I will share some adaptations here and share products that helped adapt to his needs and other people I have known.  The same products may not work for your adult child or the person you are supporting but may give your creative ideas a jumpstart to adapt for him.

If you recognize a problem spend some time in the local supermarket, department store or do a search online for products that you might be able to adapt to work.  Many of the products Billy Ray and I use are because I tried them to be easier for me or the part time houseekeeper asked me to buy for her to use and Billy Ray wanted to try them.
Task: Sweeping bare floors.

Problem:  Billy Ray enjoys sweeping and mopping but could never adjust to handling a dustpan.  We have bought long handled dustpans and various types but it never worked.

Adaptation:  Swiffer Sweeper Vac.  It has the dry dusting sheets which picks up a lot and he can pick up bigger pieces of dirt with the vaccum just by pushing the button.  He loves it.