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As I Am
I have spread myself into more topics than I ever anticipated when I created the first website based on my literary agent's advice before my first book was published.  I now have two other websites, three blogs.  I wanted a central site where you can find all of my various links.

If you go to one of my other sites by searching for information about Autism, Down syndrome, parenting a child or adult wth special needs, etc. and I talk about other things you might be disappointed because it was not what you needed right then.  Here I can just be me which includes my writing and my life with Billy Ray but is not limited to just those topics.

My life has definitely changed in the past few years.  I was divorced in early 2011 and Billy Ray passed away last year. As you may imagine he has left a hole in my heart.  The Lord is taking me in new directions which I will share with you soon.  I am in the process of creating a new website and will put the link below when it is ready.  I will be more in spiritual ministry though will always have a heart for people who experience disabilities and participate in some way.


Parenting a Complex Special Needs Child
Parenting A Complex Special Needs Adult 
Lighthouse Parents


Parenting Your Complex Child
Lighthouse Parents

Parenting Your Complex Child Yahoo Group

Due to someone's recurring threatening comments I have had to take the guestbook off of all my sites.  If you would like to receive the newsletter please email me.

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